Birth Pool Rental


Giving birth in the water is becoming more and more common and it shouldn’t be a surprise! Being born in the water is a much gentler welcome for your baby, who moves from a warm and wet environment to a similar one, allowing him to get hit by all the new impressions in a much slower way. Also for the mom the use of water has amazing effects! Water provides a completely natural pain relief, it helps the body relax, helps her feel lighter, contained and supported and helps relaxing the perineum, therefore diminishing the chances of tearing.

Whether you decide to rent a birthpool or not, remember the magical properties of water and use your bathtub or shower if you feel like it! A birth pool though allows for much more space: you’ll be able to easily change position and you partner and children will have the chance to join you in the bath.

BirtPool-in-a-box PRO (size BIG) includes:

Tub made of eco pvc
BPA free hoses and tap couplings
CE mark – can also be used safely in the hospital
Thick bottom of 7.5 cm that provides better insulation and comfortable padding for your knees
Personal hygienic cover
Electric inflation pump & drain pump
Setup instructions

Inflating and filling the pool takes about 60 minutes.
Emptying the bath and cleaning up takes about 30 minutes.

The rental is for a 5 weeks period: from the moment you hit 37 weeks pregnancy till the end of week 42.
If for any reason you won’t be able to use the bath or will decide not to use it and the personal cover is still unused and packaged I can refund you 30€.

Cost € 130