Perinatal Yoga

Yoga is the most suggested practice during pregnancy, but why is it so? During pregnancy your body is changing very fast, literally transforming to make space for the new life growing inside your belly. This means that you might feel blessed and radiant, but sometimes also tired and achy.

Yoga can be an effective way to keep up with all those changes, help your posture, therefore fighting back and pelvic pain, connect with your unborn baby and pamper your body and mind. Regular practice from 14 weeks of pregnancy till birth, will help your body be fit, ready for the big day and your mind be focused yet relaxed, ready to let go and surrender to the instincts that rule labor.

And in my classes there is always space for a good laughter!

And after birth? Get back into shape safely while enjoying some relaxed & playful time with your baby with postnatal yoga:

– Regain tone in your pelvic floor and core with original practices and micro-movements
– Give a boost to your new mother wellbeing through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga
– Get ready to go back to your normal practice through adapted asanas and exercises that ensure optimal spinal alignment through the postnatal year, from supine, raised sitting, all fours and prone positions, to classic sitting, kneeling and standing postures
– Learn ‘off the mat’ yoga practices that can be used in your daily life while caring for your baby
– Learn how to massage your baby

** All practices are suitable for every mother, even after Caesarean births. You can join from 3 weeks after birth (or 6 in case of C-section) and until 6 months after.

At the moment I’m only teaching private classes (50€ per class). If you and your friends want to create a group class let me know! I’m always happy to discuss new possibilities and define details.