Five years ago I gave a birth to my beautiful rainbow baby girl. My pregnancy was going perfectly fine and I remember having a vision and a plan of a peaceful birth. Unfortunately, my waters broke in the middle of the night when I reached week 37. There was no more plan, no more vision and no more chance for a bath delivery and a calm labor in the beautiful birthing hotel not far away from our apartment. Our sweet baby girl decided to come earlier so I became a medical case. I was kept for 3 long days in the hospital before the induction procedure. I have to be honest that it was a very scary experience to wait in that uncertainty for my baby to arrive. I felt that sudden need to have a doula next to me. My husband was very caring at that moment but my body and mind needed some extra support. My mom couldn’t be there, my sister couldn’t be there and my best friend couldn’t be there. I wanted another woman next to me, someone who could assist me, guide me, protect me, connect with me and understand me in that very special but full of unknown moment. I attended pregnancy yoga classes through most of my pregnancy and this is where I met Gaia, my teacher, who happend to be a doula as well. I was really happy and relieved when Gaia agreed to be my doula after my spontaneous request just hours before the beginning of my daughter’s birth. I could use many adjectives to describe the amazing personality and skills Gaia has. I will only say: make her a part of your pregnancy journey. Make her a part of your family story. Trust her voice. Trust her soul. Trust her knowledge and experience. She is going to connect with you on so many levels. She has this gift of magically turning into a friend, soul mate or even an angel who is there for you, holds your hand, massages your tired back and supports your shaking legs, helping through every contraction. Asking Gaia for help was the best decision. She was truly irreplaceable, positive and confident and if needed invisible. I am forever grateful to have chosen her to support me. I could not recommend Gaia enough, she was just great!