I first met Gaia around two months before my due date. I had a very good first impression on her and she felt like a old friend to me. She gave me lots of very helpful information about labor and how to make a good preparation for it.

Gaia was with me when I was about 3cm dilated. When the contractions came she massaged me and it worked very well to make them feel less intense and more manageable. Strange enough when my husband tried to do the same thing to me it just didn’t work at all. After my midwife examined me, she said that I could stay a bit longer at home because I was doing so well.

We went to hospital when I was 5cm dilated. This was my first pregnancy and my midwife was busy with two labors at the same time. I was basically alone with my husband and Gaia after been examined. Gaia’s presence during my labor meant a lot to me because I felt very nervous without my midwife. Gaia was so professional and she kept talking to me, massaging me and coaching me how to breath till my midwife came back again to examine me. She assumed that I was around 7 or 8 cm but I was almost fully dilated and had already tried to push by myself.

After labor, Gaia was so sweat and kind. She stayed along with us until we finally arrived home even though I could tell she was very tried.

If you want to have a beautiful memory of labor, I highly recommend Gaia to you.